Who’s Jordan again?

An account from one of our companions.

June 2022

Jordan! The jewel of Arabia, I mean how could it not be. I felt what I said when I sat on a huge rock, gazing into to the sunrise with nothing but the jaw dropping landscapes of Wadi Rum. I’m a traveller, a wonderer and without a doubt an adrenaline junkie. Not only was it fascinating to have explored the life of a Bedouin, sleeping under the stars in the endless dessert, but my India Jones experience was enhanced with a tour guide who was so
knowledgeable it put me to shame.

I scribbled notes, quotes and facts down in my little notebook. There was much to learn, from the Roman and Greek ruins in the historically rich city of Jerash, to the The Treasury located in Petra. In just 7 days we started from the North: travelling all the way down to the south. I Though I have travelled across many countries and into the hearts of cities that were equally as beautiful, Jordan captured my heart from the beginning, was it the thrill? The history? The food or people? Who knew, but I can say that I felt like an archaeologist, a treasure hunter, a movie character and even more I felt a sense of togetherness with a sisterly bond of the inspiring women in the group.

How did we do this in just 7 days? You’re probably thinking. Well, I didn’t sleep, not because I couldn’t, however I never wanted to. I wanted all of Jordan in the day and night, I wanted to witness and eat everything. My coach journeys across the country mostly consisted of me falling in and out of sleep, but the commentary was also very informative that I didn’t want to miss out. It wasn’t all quite a pickup and go experience, but actually spending a day in one of the finest hotels to relax and enjoy the stunning beach, food and relaxed atmosphere after a crazy adventure. And how could I forget the deliciously famous food of Jordan; Mansef. I dream about the traditional meal up until today, even talking about it makes me hungry.

I strongly advise that you to add Jordan to your list of travels. King Hussein quotes “Jordan has a strange, haunting beauty and a sense of timelessness. Dotted with the ruins of empires once great, it is the last resort of yesterday in the world of tomorrow. I love every inch of it. And I couldn’t agree more!

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