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The MWTG brings women together from all walks of life that may not be able to solo travel, or want to. Those that can’t match their diaries with their friends or family and can simply never find someone to travel with.


MWTG Group Lead

Assalamu Alaikum 😊 

My name is Sadia, I am the founder of The Muslim Women Travel Group.

It’s been a journey but as it’s only just beginning, I want to take you all with me.

I love life and laughter and believe that we don’t meet people by accident. All our encounters are to assist and support one another in some shape or form and strive to always make them positive and meaningful. I’m all about the sisterhood and creating beautiful memories.

I hope you travel with The MWTG at least once to see how great it is and take away more than you expected.


MWTG Group Lead

Salaams 😊 

I am Shazrezade.

I am a creative, spiritual and holistic individual. I love to explore and embark on new journeys to test and find myself again and again.

I enjoy the company of others and make myself and others laugh.

I am an experienced mental health relationship coach. I think travelling is a great way to meet new people and new findings of history, medicinal powers and people’s life experience.

As humans we are all on a limited journey with an unlimited mindset to grow and gain far much more. It is fascinating to me to come across people of all walks of life, to teach and learn something from one another. I am passionate about traditional arts, story-telling, architectural history and connecting with nature in group activities or 1.1.

I speak English, Urdu and Arabic. I am very excited to be a part of the MWTG and will happily become an instrument of connections to the other side and more importantly to our inner self.


MWTG Group Lead


I’m Donna I love travelling because it allows me to discover new cultures and meet new people. I thoroughly enjoy having authentic experiences when visiting new places. Travelling has made my love for food and people grow and the best is mixing them together especially when visiting new places and trying traditional food it makes you feel as though you are experiencing a part of their tradition.

I have visited 15+ countries and cannot wait to add more to the list. I speak 3 languages English, Albanian and Spanish and open to learning many more in time.

I am so happy to be a part of the MWTG and your lead as we can all share these memories and experiences.


MWTG Group Lead

Hello 😊 

I’m Maria, I am a writer, photographer and an EFL Teacher. Generally, I am a creative individual with a passion for languages and travel. I love exploring cultures, historical structures of the world and capturing it all through the arts of photography, writing and lastly painting. I have many more adventures to embark on and my spontaneous mindset wonders about where I will travel next? 

I love being a group lead for The Muslim Women Travel Group and have met so many inspirational women through our travel together. I am excited for the upcoming trips and leading on some of these.


MWTG Group Lead

Salaam! 😊

My name is Nosheena. Something magical happened in the year 2000. I discovered the world and flying abroad! When you have flown once…well, that’s it! There is no stopping you!

I have been as far as South Africa and as close as Amsterdam. I have recently ventured on solo travelling in 2022 and that has bought an inner depth and dimension to my travelling passion!

Although I can’t speak Egyptian Arabic, Spanish and Turkish, my love for these countries through watching a lot of dramas in these languages has enabled me to understand when these languages are spoken, which makes my travelling to these countries a lot more interesting.

I love cultural places, with good food, good company, scenic places, sunset viewing, people watching and of course shopping! I am excited about leading for The MWTG and look forward to sharing memories and travel experiences together. The picture of me here is travelling solo in Istanbul crossing over to the European side by ferry.


MWTG Group Lead

I’m Soumia 😊,

A lover of the airport but not so keen on the jetlag. Growing up I always appreciated my mixed ethnicity which meant that family was all over the world, food was varied, and culture was rich. Travel and a geography degree has only increased my curiosity about the world, particularly where the beauty of the physical landscape interacts with people and buildings. I’ve been fortunate to travel extensively, spending significant time in Uganda, China and New Zealand. I speak English, Arabic and can make do in French and Chinese! I found out about MWTG by joining a trip a few years ago and would recommend the experience and the company without hesitation!


MWTG Group Lead



MWTG Group Lead