Unravelling Egypt’s Ancient Wonders: A Journey Through Time

Egypt – Nile Cruise – Cairo, Luxor, Aswan 

An account from one of our companions.

March 2023

I had the privilege on embarking on a mesmerising cruise of the Nile in Egypt in March 2023.

When we landed in Egypt everything was taken care of by the Muslim Women Travel Group, it was thoroughly planned out and all excursions/ tours/guides and transfers were included and taken care of.

Our first stop was the enchanting visit to Giza, home to one of the great wonders of the world – The Pyramids. Standing in the dessert heat with the back drop of the pyramids was awe- inspiring. The sheer size and precision of these ancient structures are so impressive up close. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and attentive. He made it that more special.

Luxor – We travelled from Cairo to Luxor by plane, when I landed in Luxor given its reputation of being one of the cities that is rich in history and ancient wonders I instantly felt a profound sense of connection to the land as I stepped out on to its soil. The city is home to the magnificent Karnak and Luxor Temples, the valley of the Kings, and other archaeological treasures.

We boarded the Nile Cruise boat and sailed along majestic views of land of agriculture, stunning sunset views, soulful sunrises and a serene sense of a land full of mystery, delight, meditative vibes and calm.

The whole cruise captured me, I felt I left a piece of my heart there whilst  walking among ancients tombs, temples, energy points and the hospitable Egyptian people.

Aswan – The Nubian tribe of people nestled along the Nile is also a village full of wonders. The Nubian village provides a glimpse into a unique culture, a blend of history and natural beauty.

This was a trip I will never forget and hold close to my heart. If you haven’t been to Egypt before, I would highly recommend it. The group of ladies I travelled with were all so lovely. We definitely connected in so many ways some more closer in friendships, having deep connections and lots of laughter.

I would definitely do this trip again and this time I would journal my trip on how I felt, what I saw, my interactions and feelings. There is definitely a magical, spiritual side that is invoked within.

Peace in the Middle East

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