Sharm El Sheikh 15th- 21st March 2020.

Thursday 19th March 2020
There was 13 of us booked, with the current situation and personal reasons only 8 of us actually made it to Sharm El Sheikh.
Disappointed as we were to not have the others with us we slowly started to unpack and started preparing to relax and enjoy our trip.
38 hours in when Egypt decided to low-key announce they were closing all airports on Thursday (19th) at 12noon.
Not a problem- we decided to call our airlines and change Sundays (22nd) flights to Wednesday or Thursday (18th or 19th) so we leave earlier. As we tried getting online, calling, texting, sending smoke signals we learnt that there was a communication block and no one could call in or out. Phone lines and internet was down in the WHOLE of Egypt.
8-10 hours later when communication was restored we slowly struggled to get back online and rearrange flights. Surprisingly Pegasus was better at this than Turkish Airlines. The 5 from the 8 that travelled with Turkish Airlines had no choice but to book new flights with Pegasus. Airline. A big costs incurred but it didn’t matter- we were being sensible and trying to head home early. Hafsa Gaher from was a awesome friend to me at this time and took care of the new Pegasus bookings for some of us.
We decided to relax and enjoy the rest of our time- till just a few hours later Pegasus cancelled the new flights we booked as Turkey had stopped all incoming flights flying back to London via Turkey.
So now no one had a flight home, there was no direct flights to London from Sharm El Sheikh and most other transit routes also cancelled. If we didn’t leave before Thursday at 12pm then we would be stuck in Egypt for a minimum of -4-6 weeks and who knows what the maximum could be!
Amongst the panic- we managed to have such a great time. We snorkelled, struggled to snorkel, drank 3% of the red sea, speed raced in the desert, broke all the quad biking rules. Rode horses, panicked when there was a realisation of no helmets (lol.. well someone in particular) gained several injuries on the same day by walking into the same iron bar on a Yacht, got facials, massages, hair cuts, new hair colours, tattoos, mosquito bites, ate hairy tasty Kanafes, drank mocktails, smoothies, fruit juices and baby food in a fancy glass. Parasailed, banana bobbed, sand exfoliated, pool dipped, swam & splashed. Pray, posed & people watched , laughed, laughed some more, cried whilst laughing, nearly passed out by laughing too hard all whilst trying to squeeze in as many moments and memories as possible before making our journey to Cairo to be able to get out of Egypt.
Some of managed to leave on Wednesday and other in the early hours of Thursday. I am pleased to say as of 3 hours ago- the last of the group touched down in London. Alhumdulillah.
Definitely more to tell and beaut pictures to post but I wanted to share that we are safe. Whilst the world is shutting down and there are so many sad and awful cases and stories I wanted to share that ours was an adventure, a unique experience and I couldn’t have created those memories and shared those experience with better people. I loooooooove loooooooooove the people I meet on meet ups, holidays and get together than anything else in the world.